CIO / IT Advisory


  CIO / IT Advisory provides technology strategy, advisory, and oversight to help Clients looking to evolve their current technology, programs, and team skills to meet the new challenges of increasing business, market, and customer needs. Our team delivers the know-how and thought leadership for Clients, who need external independent expertise or those who lack the capacity, experience, or skills required to formulate strategies and accurately plan, or the current capability to execute the transformations needed to successfully deliver business value to meet required business agility. 


Our practice is built on deep Technology and Business leadership and expertise. Over 30 years of leadership at C-Level and executive roles in commercial and public sectors. 


Strategic Offering — Knowledge for Success (K4S)


Knowledge for Success, powered by Cognitient, provides a data-driven process that empowers executives to chart a course for positive success by accelerating risk reduction, value creation, and decision making. The K4S offering combines best-in-class data, behavioral and data science, and proprietary analytics with consultative insights to rapidly pinpoint and prioritize actions that optimize revenue, profit, cash flow, and ROI. 


K4S guides business leaders to highlight the areas that are hindering business execution and market success. Through K4S, the executive team achieves the clarity and confidence needed to understand their risks, create stakeholder focus and agreement, and to take decisive action on critical IT/ Business initiatives and portfolio direction. K4S encompasses three discrete offerings focused on IT and Business-aligned success. 


     Portfolio Rationalization: An analysis of budgeted or planned projects against new or changing business priorities and strategies. Evaluates and validates the alignment of projects, products, and Business Unit initiatives with target IT, Business strategy, and financial objectives. It answers crucial questions: 

  • To what degree does the organization understand the market and customers' values and needs?

  • To what degree does the organization have the IT and operational agility required to meet new or changing market and customer needs? 


     Initiative Analytics: Evaluates business-critical projects which are challenged or trending to fail. Business-critical projects that are:

  • In the planning stage, to proactively identify and eliminate obstacles that can hinder success.

  • Underway and being impacted by significant market, technology, or culture change.

  • Off course, over-budget, off schedule, or no longer aligned with intended goals. 


This offering looks at key areas that drive project success. Initiative Analytics will help identify the issues, risks, weaknesses, and strengths that are impacting the success of the projects, provide insights to underlying issues and root causes, highlight areas of misalignment, and make fact-based recommendations to correct the project trajectory and outcome. 


     IT-360: Assesses the IT function and Business alignment to identify the strengths, weaknesses, risk factors, knowledge, experience, and performance that impact effective execution and delivery to meet existing business priorities. IT-360 also exposes issues that impact effective delivery of new business opportunities and strategies requiring IT agility and adaptability. It provides a rapid, high-precision analysis that supplies new CIOs or Technology Leaders with a roadmap for quick wins in their first 100 days. 



















Core to Knowledge for Success (K4S) is the combination of our highly experienced Executive Consultants, a leading Software Analysis Tool, and a methodology which brings together business executives for a meaningful, open discussion of the Functional Business Areas and key processes fostering discovery and understanding. The software tool collects knowledge, experience, and performance-based facts from the business and IT executives and compares them with "best in class" performance in a Benchmark Database comprised of over 1,200 projects across 800 Fortune 500 and mid-market companies. Our Executive Consultants interpret the software's analytics to produce acute observations and recommendations. The K4S assessment methodology effectively exposes known and unknown risks, unrealistic assumptions, unseen and unstated biases, inadequate problem definitions, and priority mismatches. K4S identifies the issues and underlying causes which result in project failure, poor performance, and diminished utility to business priorities, arming you with the facts to manage risk and convert risk to value. Knowledge for Success enables you to Know, not Guess.


IT Advisory Practice Capabilities address needs across the IT ecosystem, including: 


  • Strategy & Planning
  • Program leadership 
  • Strategic Initiatives 
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Cyber Security  
  • Information Management & Reporting 
  • Analytics / Advanced Analytics 
  • Cloud Computing
  • Business Systems Modernization
  • New Technologies — Definition & Development 
  • Technology Vendors
  • IT Audit and Compliance
  • Critical Project Oversight
  • IT Infrastructure