Our Cyber Risk Management Solution allows you to identify and monitor which Company assets have the most risk and how to prioritize resource investment that aligns to impacts. We help you understand your risk and exposure so you can make informed decisions based on quantifiable metrics, allowing for actions that will increase your cyber resilience. We provide an easy-to-understand graphical dashboard and reporting for simple communication to management and The Board. 
The platform uses a digital asset approach for cyber risk management and is the only platform in the marketplace today using such an approach. As the global marketplace accelerates to a digital economy, Gartner forecasts an increased focus on risks associated with ecosystems that are an integral part of one's business. 
Our Services: 
What makes us different is the combination of an innovative software tool and senior staff with deep experience implementing Risk Solutions. 
  • ERM Consulting 
  • Cyber Risk Consulting
  • Data Privacy 
  • Platform Solution Reseller (certified)
  • Implementation Services (certified)
The Software Platform: 
  • Cyber risk quantification aligned to how Cyber Insurance Claims are paid
  • Role-based dashboards, reports, and workflows to provide near real time data for each cyber stakeholder
  • Provides an inside view of Vendor and Organizational Cyber Risk Ratings at the digital asset level 
  • Works with other Cyber Tools clients have through open APIs 
  • Is modular providing capability to focus on priority needs or to provide enterprise capability 
Some Problems and Solutions we help address: 
Cyber Insurance Needs
Quantifies the correct amount of cyber insurance needs for an organization and their vendors 
Focusing Resources and Platform ROI
Provides a cyber risk assessment tool that analyzes impacts for resource prioritization, platform ROI and cyber budgeting based on risk 
Repeatable Cyber Risk Assessment and Security Scores
Provides inherent cyber risk scores and residual risk assessments using any compliance framework 
Vendor Cyber Risk Scores
Provides vendor risk scores to identify which vendors have the most 3rd party risk and recommendations to reduce vendor risk 
Cyber Budget
Allows for a business case to be built for cyber risk reduction, compliance, and resource allocation 
Provides quantification for GDPR (data privacy) risk and provides focus for where the risk resides
Provides visibility into the target's digital environment and associated risks 

Modular Offerings Include: 

Vendor Cyber Risk Management 

Cyber Risk Quantification & Scoring

Crown Jewel Allocation 

Cyber Budgeting 

M&A Cyber Risk 

GDPR Quantification 

Cyber Insurance Needs Quantification

Organization Risk Management 

Compliance Management 

Cyber Risk Management