HP Marin Fellows


HP Marin Fellows are accomplished Thought Leaders, who, over their illustrious careers, have developed authoritative expertise and disseminated innovative ideas. This elite group complements HP Marin Group, extending expertise and thought leadership and collaborates with us to provide our clients exceptional singular value. We are proud to have these distinguished individuals associated with our Company.  




                                     Craig Spielmann — Senior Fellow              

                                    Mr. Spielmann is the CEO and founder of RiskTao LLC, a firm specializing in Enterprise                                                           Risk Advisory and Training Services. Over his career, Craig has held numerous senior                                                             leadership positions in Risk for large global firms, including Global Head of Enterprise Risk                                                       Management Strategy — First Data Corporation, Head of Operational Risk Management                                                           Americas — RBS, Head of Risk Management for Global Technology Operations — Citigroup,                                                     Founder & Head of JPMorgan's Horizon Risk Solution & Advisory Business, and Head of                                                           Information Technology Risk — JPMorgan. Mr. Spielmann is a proven Enterprise Risk Management & Business expert with an established track record of driving enterprise-wide initiatives for the world's top financial institutions. He leverages vision, leadership, innovation and relationship management skills to achieve success. He has proven know-how in leading global initiatives to align risk management practices with business goals.







                                    Dean Pompilio — Senior Fellow


                                             Mr. Pompilio is the President and founder of SteppingStone Solutions, Inc, a company which has                                             specialized in IT and cybersecurity consulting for nearly 20 years. Prior to this, Mr. Pompilio's                                                   longstanding IT career lead him to work with several Fortune 500 conpanies and financial                                                       institutions, including Motorola, Bank of America, Capital One, and the World Bank. He has                                                     also held Sr. Security Engineer roles at the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S.                                                               Department of State.


Mr. Pompilio is dedicated to sharing his expertise in IT and cybersecurity, heaving led certification courses since 2011. He has trained thousands of IT professionals and military personnel in dozens of countries around the world. Mr. Pompilio has extensice hands-on experience in systems administration, network engineering, firewall engineering, security engineering, and penetration testing. In addition to technical skills, he focuses on development of policies and procedures, risk management, and business process re-engineering. 

                                       Gregg Fenton — Senior Fellow

                                            Gregg Fenton is a Technology and Digital Transformation Leader with proven success in                                                            increasing revenues, identifying new business opportunities, and expanding team effectiveness.                                              His expertise helps clients identify product and platform services, technical solutions, processes,                                              and business strategies focused on solving their needs and improving business outcomes.He                                                  has held leadership and executive positions across multiple industries at companies such as JP                                                Morgan Chase, Honeywell, Bloomberg, the New York Times, Ericsson, Sperry/Loral, and a                                                      startup, Whitewater Mobile. Gregg has also teamed with leading technology and cloud providers such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung, and others to drive new product innovations. 

Gregg's work has earned many accolades from organizations including Apple, Google, Samsung, as well as several industry awards. Gregg is a Thought Leader in digital transformation, data, analytic solutions, product development, and agile solutions. Gregg's leadership experience spans across CPO, CTO, vision, strategy, roadmap, execution, executive stakeholder management for technology agendas, and Business/Technology alignment.


Gregg holds an MS in Systems Engineerings from NYU, and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Clarkson College of Technology. Gregg holds seven patents across mobile and multimedia messaging, and is a longtime member of IEEE. 


Mr. Fenton provides Thought Leadership and Advisory Support in the Data, Digital Transformation, and and Legacy Solution domains.   

                                    Mark Katz — Senior Fellow


                                            Mark Katz has 25 years of experience in IT/Operations in both FinTech and InsurTech.                                                             Mark has held several senior leadership positions including CIO for Financial Products and                                                       Services for XL Capital,  Global CIO for Syncora Guarantee, an IPO Carve-Out bond insurance                                                 firm,  CIO for ASCAP and Head of Infrastructure and Development for Cotiviti.  Mark is a                                                         multifaceted Technology Executive focused on leading business improvement initiatives and                                                     aligning technology with corporate performance targets with implementation success across                                                  disparate industries: Media, FinTech and InsurTech. He is focused on creating and introducing                                                  innovative directions, systems, methods and procedures to reduce expenses, increase                                                            productivity, grow revenues, enhance client delivery and minimize risk. He values simple                                                        solutions to penetrate bureaucracy.


Mark’s expertise includes Business and Technology alignment, Cloud Strategy, Transformations, Master Data Management; Governance, Data Security and Machine Learning.


 Mark holds Masters’ degrees from Columbia University and The University of Chicago.  Mark also serves on two non-profit boards, and is a member of  various industry groups including SIM.