Legacy Business Systems


 Our Legacy Solutions help you tackle the challenges, issues and technical debt that exist in your business systems. Whether you are processing on older systems (25+ years old), newer systems, or using obsolete technologies… whether your systems are Centralized, Distributed or in the Cloud, we unlock the knowledge in your systems to help you implement change. Our Solutions support operational enhancements to complex transformative initiatives by establishing a better knowledge foundation; a necessary condition for implementing change in your business systems.  



Key Challenges Inherent in Business Systems can have significant impacts


No or Poor Documentation
Skills Shortage 
Resource Dependency


A Superior Knowledge Based Foundation Delivers Results  

  • Reduces cost, effort and time lines for legacy systems change (30%+)

  • Enables quicker cycle times with a higher level of quality 

  • Reduces the level of risk by establishing a documented baseline of your existing environment 

Client benchmarks show 30+% reduction in cost and time frames



Our Innovative and Unique Solution 

We understand the challenges, complexities and risks inherent in implementing change across your technology platforms.  What makes us different is the combination of a leading software tool and senior staff with deep experience in implementing business change across legacy business systems. 

Higher Risk
Cost Increases
Missed deadlines
Unexpected Issues
Not getting desired results



A depth of SME Know How
Hands On Thought Leadership
Former Big 4 & C Suite Leaders

Seasoned Support Teams

Ability to Scale

The Software

Business Rule Extraction
Transparent Logic & Process Flows

Data Traceability
Visual Call Maps and APIs
Code Complextity & Quality Metrics


Substantial Risk Reduction
Accelerated Results
Significant Cost Reduction


Our solution provides transparent, accurate and complete understanding of your business systems which is the foundation to analyze, design and implement change. Our solution provides the comprehensive knowledge to navigate through the challenges avoiding unwanted consequences and achieving desired results. 

Some Representative Use Cases for our Legacy Solution 

  • Automated Documentation

  • Requirements Definition — Business Rules Extract

  • Legacy Modernization — Transformation

  • Legacy Systems Maintenance — Reduce TCO

  • Data Rationalization — MDM

  • Data Governance — Data Lineage

  • Cloud Migration