News and Events


HP Marin welcomes Peter Quinn as Executive Director – June 2019

The HP Marin Group is pleased to welcome Peter Quinn as Executive Director. Mr. Quinn has over 35 years of experience as a technology leader in both commercial and public sectors, serving as CIO six times to organizations such as the New York City Department of Education, BISYS Fund Services, National Commercial Bank of Jamaica, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Boston Financial Data Services. He has also been a Senior Technology Advisor to large Financial Services Companies, and previously worked with HPSquared LLC as a Senior Advisor. As Executive Director, Mr. Quinn will help lead HP Marin Group’s expansion of services and solution capabilities in the Cyber Risk and Legacy Solution domains.



HP Marin forms Strategic Alliance with Cyber Innovative Technologies – April 2019

HP Marin Group is pleased to announce it has formed a strategic alliance with Cyber Innovative Technologies (CIT), a leading provider of Cyber Risk Management software. Cyber Innovative Technologies provides a comprehensive suite of cyber risk software solutions to help companies in the fortune 1000 increase their cyber resilience. CIT is founded by cyber risk expert and prolific entrepreneur Ariel Evans, who is a thought leader and a noted speaker in the field of Cyber Risk Strategy and Management. HP Marin Group is a key channel partner, a certified reseller and certified implementation partner for CIT. This alliance will promote HP Marin Group’s Cyber Risk Management solutions, as will be a foundation piece as HP Marin continues building its Cyber and Risk Management capabilities to complete HP Marin’s suite of services including Data Consulting and Legacy Systems Solutions.


HP Marin welcomes Craig Spielmann as Senior Fellow – March 2019

HP Marin Group has welcomed Craig Spielmann as the inaugural Senior Fellow in their new Fellows Program. This addition has occurred in conjunction with a Strategic Alliance between HP Marin Group and Risk Tao, a Risk Management firm where Mr. Spielmann serves as CEO. As a Senior Fellow, Mr. Spielmann will utilize his deep experience and thought leadership in the Risk domain to provide leadership and expertise to HP Marin Group’s expansion of their consulting and solution capabilities in the Cyber and Enterprise Risk domains. Mr. Spielmann has previously held senior leadership positions for large global firms, such as First Data Corporation, RBS, Citigroup, and JPMorgan. Risk Tao advises top institutions on business strategy, scenario analysis, risk and control assessment, and more to convert risk to a business advantage. 


HP Marin establishes Professional Fellows Program – February 2019

HP Marin is honored to announce that they have established a professional Fellows Program. The Program institutes an intellectual echelon of Thought Leaders with various domains of expertise such as technology, risk, and banking. The inaugural group of HP Marin Fellows are seasoned professionals with illustrious careers who have developed authoritative expertise and are accomplished Thought Leaders. The Fellows contribute a wealth of talent and commensurate experience to the senior levels of their firm. They bring greater depth, expertise and initiative to our clients in solving their most important and pressing problems. We are proud and pleased to have these initial members join us, and look forward to expanding the program in the coming months. 


HP Marin invests in building a Block Chain Practice – 2018

HP Marin Group is building a Block Chain Practice and investing in its capabilities by bringing Thought Leadership into the firm as well as working with other industry leaders. The Team is well versed in current block chain technologies and is designing solutions by industry. HP Marin is building out capabilities to assist clients with strategy, assessments, and deployment of Block Chain Solutions. This Practice Area is complimented by a best in class Data Consultancy essential for Block Chain Solutions.  


HP Marin joins the New York Technology Alliance – 2017

As a member of the NY Technology Alliance, HP Marin Group leaders can share their expertise and thought leadership regarding key issues and challenges  that are both important and relevant in the technology sector. By sharing our insights during panel discussions, round tables and networking events, HP Marin lends its support to the Technology Community providing insights to the Community’s most pressing issues.



HP Marin expands its capabilities into the Public Sector - 2016

The HP Marin Group LLC, a leader in Legacy Systems Solutions, has brought its capabilities into the Public Sector helping a Mid-Western State address important business critical issues tied to its Mainframe System. HP Marin’s Legacy Specialists in combination with the use of an Advanced Software Analysis Tool were able to rapidly provide knowledge and insight for a 40 year old undocumented Mainframe System which supported the delivery of Federal Entitlements to the State’s residents. HP Marin’s Solution quickly delivered information that enabled State Leadership to create a strategy and a pathway to address issues.



HP Marin invests in building Business Intelligence capabilities with Tableau –2015

HP Marin Group builds Tableau capabilities and skills in its Business Intelligence Service Line.  HP Marin will invest in building specialized Tableau Resources and Solutions for specific Niche Markets. The firm has resident some of the brightest minds in data and analytics which it will bring together with an innovative team of Tableau-focused Business Intelligence Consultants for its clients.  The Team will deliver solutions ranging from Consumer, Product and Human Capital Analytics to sector solutions for Insurance, Hedge Funds, Brokers, and Banking.


Seminar in Critical Problem Solving delivered at Touro College - 2015

Phil Teplitzky, a Managing Partner with the HP Marin Group, delivered a seminar at Touro College on Problem Solving.  The course was a follow up to a panel discussion he participated in earlier in the year for Undergraduate and Graduate Information Technology students on “How to Find That First Job”.  During his presentation Mr. Teplitzky stressed  the ability to identify and solve problems as one of the most important skills IT professionals can possess. 


The seminar addressed what the latest techniques, tools and methods are for solving problems; something we all do intuitively, but few of us do in a disciplined and structured way.   Most of business management is based upon solving ever more complex and difficult problems.