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HP Marin Group

HP Marin is a best-in-class Consultancy focused on the modernization and digital transformation for business.


Our Services

We understand the challenges, complexities and risks associated with implementing change and modernizing company business systems. Our innovative solutions, built on practical approaches, help our clients modernize and digitally transform to be agile to meet the needs of their customers and the changing marketplace. 



Data Consulting 

CIO/IT Advisory


Data Consulting
Data Consulting
Data Consulting

Why Choose Us

The experience and expertise found in larger firms with the flexibility, agility, and cost advantages of a Boutique firm

High Client Satisfaction – 100% referable

Differentiated solutions combining top tier consulting talent, leading software, and proven methods to deliver:  Better – Faster - Cheaper

Thought leadership which stays abreast of current market challenges to provide relevant advice and cutting-edge solutions that benefit our clients

Senior Team of Executive Consultants and former C-Suite persons who bring experience and insights from external and internal perspectives

We drive results and deliver tangible value for our clients

 finance Modernization 

Modernization in Finance - What is it?

Modernization in finance involves transforming the finance function to make it data-driven and digital-first. The goal is a more automated and optimized finance function capable of delivering faster, more strategic value to the business.

How do you modernize a finance organization?

CFOs embarking on finance modernization will automate and optimize finance processes using technologies such as cloud-based CPM systems, artificial Intelligence, and data analytics to embed digital capabilities in finance workflows.


They will also equip finance talent with digital competencies and embrace intrafunctional networks to enable groups to share digital insights.

What are the benefits of modernization in finance?

Modernization of the finance function allows organizations to automate manual tasks and free finance talent to focus to work on more value-added activities.


Data analytics and AI for finance also provide key insights to support decisions in the organization’s revenue-generating business units.

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