HP Marin Group is a best in class Consultancy providing services and innovative solutions focused on legacy business systems, data, and cyber risk management.



We help our clients address and implement the most pressing business challenges and issues they are facing in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. A Company’s ability to be responsive and implement increasing business changes across their technical platform and business systems is critical to enhanced performance and sustained success. Success also requies the ability to effectively manage cyber risk across the enterprise, increasing one's cyber resilience, a paramount factor in sustained performance. 


At HP Marin Group, we understand the challenges, complexities and risks associated with implementing change across systems and technology platforms. Having comprehensive knowledge of what is imbedded in your business systems and data is vital to implementing change while circumventing inherent risk, unplanned costs, and unwanted results.


HP Marin Group's strategic and tactical solutions are based on highly experienced people, leading software enablers and proven methodologies. Our solutions provide the knowledge and know-how to implement change while navigating through the challenges of the business systems, operations and organization thereby avoiding unwanted consequences and achieving desired results. Our solutions provide significant advantages from assessment to implementation, tackling business issues across systems, data and cyber risk.



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