At HP Marin, Partners are an integral part of our strategy. Our Partners provide specialized capabilities which complement our services. We leverage key Partner capabilities to provide greater depth, thereby enhancing our solutions and services which in turn provide greater value for our clients. 


Hatha Systems is a leading provider of software analysis solutions. Our Legacy Systems and Data Services utilize Hatha’s Knowledge Refinery™ (KR) to provide a holistic solution with unparalleled value. Hatha Systems’ KR is an award-winning integrated analysis environment which contains a set of tools which can be used to analyze the ever-evolving set of business systems and mission critical applications that reside in most organizations today.

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OneStream is a premier provider of Modern Corporate Performance Management Solutions for mid-size to large enterprises. OneStream is recognized by the Analysts as a leader in Financial Corporate Performance Management (FCPM) transformation. This partnership augments our Digital Transformation Solutions and Practice. 


Cognitient Corp. is a proven provider of business and IT risk management solutions. For 25+ years, the CognitientSM risk analytics platform has empowered organizations to accelerate risk-reduction, value creation, and improve decision-making. Combining best-in-class data, proprietary analytics, and a systematic process, Cognitient efficiently diagnoses organizational Knowledge, Experience & Performance (KEPSM) to prioritize the actions that optimize revenue, profit, cash flow, and ROI. HP Marin’s Knowledge For Success offerings is powered by Cognitient’s platform.

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Grant Thornton provides Industry and Business Domain  knowledge and experience that compliments the HP Marin Group team.