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CIO / IT Advisory

Our practice is built on deep Technology and Business leadership and expertise. Over 30 years of leadership at C-Level and executive roles in commercial and public sectors. 

Core to Knowledge for Success (K4S) is the combination of our highly experienced Executive Consultants, a leading Software Analysis Tool, and a methodology which brings together business executives for a meaningful, open discussion of the Functional Business Areas and key processes fostering discovery and understanding. The software tool collect knowledge, experience, and performance-based facts from the business and IT executives and compares them with “best in class” performance in a Benchmark Database comprised of over 1,200 projects across 800 Fortune 500 and mid-market companies. Our Executive Consultants interpret the software’s analytics to produce acute observations and recommendations. 


The K4S assessment methodology effectively exposes known and unknown risks, unrealistic assumptions, unseen and unstated biases, inadequate problem definitions, and priority mismatches. K4S identifies the issues and underlying causes which result in project failure, poor performance, and diminished utility to business priorities, arming you with the facts to manage risk and cover risk to value. Knowledge for Success enables you to Know, not Guess. 

IT Advisory Practice Capabilities address needs across the IT ecosystem, including: 


  • Strategy & Planning

  • Program leadership 

  • Strategic Initiatives 

  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

  • Cyber Security  

  • Information Management & Reporting 

  • Analytics / Advanced Analytics 

  • Cloud Computing

  • Business Systems Modernization

  • New Technologies 

  • Technology Vendors

  • IT Audit and Compliance

  • Critical Project Oversight

  • IT Infrastructure 

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