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OneStream – Corporate Performance Management

As a part of HP Marin’s Finance Modernization practice, we partner with OneStream, a differentiated leader in the
Corporate Performance Management (CPM) space. OneStream offers a modern unified platform for Performance Management enabling companies of all sizes to streamline, simplify and unify planning, budgeting and forecasting with financial reporting.

Deployment of OneStream’s intelligent finance platform allows you to break away from the limitations of spreadsheets, fragmented legacy applications, and complex manual laden processes to modernize the needs of your business.

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A unified, extensive intelligent Finance platform that modernizes finance and reduces complexity (either in the cloud or on premise) 

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Simplified and aligned consolidation, planning, reporting, and data quality processes across the enterprise

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Customers have the ability to extend their investment through a marketplace of pre-built solutions.

Our OneStream Solutions And Services

Financial Consolidation and Close

Streamline financial close and consolidation to increase focus on analyzing results, enabling better business decision, and addressing key challenges

Financial Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

Gain agility in planning for strategic, financial and operational planning needs

Reporting and Analytics

Give a unique voice of authority and trust to business leaders and extend that credibility to include operational insights

Financial Signaling

Empower Finance to leverage the financial intelligence that is core to their financial processes

Data Management, Integration and Quality

Enhance quality for your critical core asset and enable “good data management”


OneStream Marketplace Solutions

50+ solutions that can be downloaded to meet your Business needs, extending the platform, increasing ROI and expanding business value

Typical Benefits from Modern CPM Capabilities

  • Improved accuracy

  • Eliminate manual processes

  • Accelerate reporting and planning cycles

  • Enhanced forecasting and analysis

  • Increase Agility and speed for decision making

  • Enhance Business Resilience

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HP Marin’s OneStream experts and seasoned consulting team will work closely with you throughout the software
deployment, keeping your modernization agenda on course, helping navigate through risk areas, and facilitating decision making to successfully deliver your implemented solution. HP Marin will:

  • Properly scope and size the Modernization/Implementation effort

  • Work with OneStream to define the software footprint

  • Design your solution based on your needs, Software capabilities, best practices and know how

  • Create a practical Modernization/Implementation plan

  • Manage and execute the OneStream implementation

  • Deliver expected results, benefits and ROI  

HP Marin's deep experience in software implementations and experience in Finance process improvement, inclusive of expertise across Financial Consolidation and Close, Financial Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting, and Financial Reporting and Analysis will simplify the effort, reduce risks, and reduce costs of implementation, making the HP Marin & OneStream partnership the ultimate accelerator for your Modernization Agenda.

Modernize | Simplify | Reduce Cost | Superior Analytics

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