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Finance Modernization

As the pace of digital business increases, CFO’s and Finance teams will face continued pressure to modernize Finance, reduce close and planning cycles, improve alignment with operations, and make more informed, faster business decisions. The modernized Finance function will enhance enterprise resilience, make the business more agile, and position finance as a strategic leader to its stakeholders.  In Partnership with OneStream software, we help companies modernize Finance reducing complexity and simplifying financial consolidation, planning, reporting and analysis

As a part of HP Marin's Digital Modernization practice, we have partnered with OneStream, a differentiated leader in the Corporate Performance Management (CPM) space. OneStream provides: 

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A unified, extensive intelligent Finance platform that modernizes finance and reduces complexity (either in the cloud or on premise) 

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Simplified and aligned consolidation, planning, reporting, and data quality processes across the enterprise

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Customers with the ability to extend their investment through a marketplace of pre-built solutions.

HP Marin with OneStream helps Companies and Institutions modernize their Finance and FP&A functions.

HP Marin will: 

  • Properly scope and size the Modernization effort 

  • Work with OneStream to define the software footprint

  • Create the Modernization roadmap

  • Execute pilot program to optimize the implementation approach

  • Manage and execute the OneStream implementation

HP Marin's deep experience in software implementations, experience in Finance Function process improvement, and expertise across Financial Consolidation, Financial Reporting, Budgeting, and Financial Planning and Analysis will simplify the effort, reduce risks, and reduce costs of implementation, making the HP Marin & OneStream partnership the ultimate accelerator for Digital Modernization in Finance.

Modernize | Simplify | Reduce Cost | Superior Analytics

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