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Modernization & Digital Transformation: Legacy Systems

Businesses regardless of industry are being challenged by Customers to react, predict and adapt to an expanding digital reality.  Companies are embracing and looking to accelerate modernization and digital transformation agendas. Those who are not risk future success as their ability to quickly implement change and respond to the changing digital marketplace is critical to success. 


A major challenge and impediment to modernization/transformation agendas is the portfolio of legacy systems. The digitalization of legacy is critical for success.  Our Systems/iQ solutions support simple to complex modernization agendas and help accelerate and reduce the risk of modernization/transformation initiatives by establishing a comprehensive and accurate knowledge foundation of your current applications, a necessary condition to modernize and digitally transform with confidence.

Know, don't guess.

Modernizing, transforming, and maintaining legacy systems is risky.  Lack of full understanding and knowledge of the legacy code implementation leads to high risk, higher cost, uncertainty, longer timelines, and unexpected consequences. 


Key Challenges Inherent in Legacy Systems have significant impacts.

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HP Marin’s Systems/iQ solution can act on your Legacy Systems. Maintain, modernize, or digitally transform them with confidence delivering business value.

Systems/iQ established a superior knowledge base; exposes all the code logic, dead code, interfaces, data usage, data lineage, degenerate logic, outdated designs, business rules, business logic, potential failure points, and more; provisioning your team with the facts and requisite knowledge to maintain or modernize.

  • Intelligent Legacy Systems Maintenance - lowers cost, lowers risks, accelerates release cycles

  • Cloud migration – Properly plan and execute based on facts and knowledge

  • Modernization – Know what to keep, throw away, or modernize

  • Digitalization – Roadmap and execute an informed transformation of your legacy Systems to Digital Technologies

What makes us different is the combination of a leading software tool and senior staff with deep experience in digital transformation and legacy business systems. 

Proven Results

  • Used in Banking Industry, Other Commercial Industry Sectors, and Federal, State & Local Government

  • Accelerated timeframe:  Large Federal Agency shorten a critical Legacy Assessment project timeline by 50%  

  • Reduced Costs:  Global Bank reduced cost for core processing platform analysis 30%

  • Reduced Risks:  Mid-Western State significantly reduced the risk of transforming a circa 1970s system through 

        the detailed knowledge and understanding provided by Systems/iQ. Avoided significant delays and cost overruns.


Depth of SME know how 

Hands-on thought leadership

Former Big 4 and C-Suite leaders

Seasoned support teams


Provides transparent, accurate, and complete knowledge of the legacy code implementation.


Substantial risk reduction

Accelerated results

Significant cost reduction

To learn more, contact us:
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